Letter from the Editor

It’s hard to locate the exact moment when stories become so important to us. Somewhere between the tall tales we’re told as children and the words we find ourselves needing to hear as adults, stories are not only a mode of learning but of living. Writing is a carbon copy of the human consciousness. Art evokes emotion that implores us to view the world in a new light. Stillwater has always strived to give a platform to the undeniable, fierce creativity of this campus, and our 58th issue keeps that tradition.

But this year, we defined our work as a departure from what we’ve always done. We asked ourselves what it means to be a literary magazine in 2019. We spent late nights in the student lounge of Smiddy Hall studying our archives, going all the way back to the first issue in 1976. We brought in copies of today’s leading publications and examined them as maps of our own potential. What we all had a hand in creating writers, artists, and editors alike was an anthology of artistry that branches out from our predecessors while still drawing inspiration from them. The result is this issue.

Stillwater is a time capsule. Having an annual production model allows for in fact, demands a constant reimagining of what a college literary and arts magazine is able to do. We do not ask that submissions fit any predetermined theme in the hopes that the magazine creates an experience that stays with you after the final page. In this way, it is a reflection of our community at this cultural moment. And that moment is full of wonder, shock, inquiry, tragedy and bliss. It is a moment that empowers us to look not only within, but ahead.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to Stillwater this year. The editors were absolutely blown away by the creative breadth across the student body, and getting to see it was one of the most magical parts of our publication process. Thank you to the editorial staff, whose expertise and imagination compiled this issue and who approached setbacks with grace and determination. Thank you to our amazing Faculty Advisor, Jacob White, for guiding us with a balance of principle, pragmatism, and pizza. Lastly, I want to express my utmost gratitude for Deputy Editor Jackson Short and Creative Director Tara Eng, whose visionary minds pushed this magazine into the future. We at Stillwater hope that this issue bestirs, entertains, but mostly, inspires you. Cheers to stories we bear witness to and the ones we need to hear.

Here we go.

Brenna O’Donnell
Editor in Chief