November Prompts

November Prompts

These prompts were written by Stillwater editors and featured during our Read, Write, and Improv Night in Fall 2018

  1. Write a personal ad for a date in which you confess something upsetting.

  2. Sometimes the pony gets depressed. Where will you take him today to cheer him up? What adventures will you have?

  3. What does it feel like to breathe?

  4. Write about a memory that comes to mind when you think of the color yellow.

  5. You were born in the wrong generation. Which one were you supposed to be in? Describe it without saying which.

  6. According to Joseph Campbell, the hero has a thousand faces. In this scenario, the hero literally has a thousand faces.

  7. Your favorite character has entered your world — now what happens?

  8. They always tell you, but you never listen.

  9. Write your autobiography around your favorite pair of pants.

  10. Write a piece incorporating the following words: chrome, neon, feathered, glittering.

  11. Write a letter to your former self.

  12. Reimagine a fairytale where the ending is not-so-happy.

  13. Write what you need. What do you need to get out right now?

  14. Write a piece of nonfiction that consists only of questions.

  15. Someone comes up to you on your way home from work and tells you that you have 45 minutes to live. What do you do? Do you even give it a second thought?

  16. And this is why you should’ve been fired.

  17. Retell your parents stories (from their childhoods until now) based on whatever knowledge you have.

  18. Write a love letter to someone you hate.

  19. Write something based on a weird dream you’ve had recently.

  20. Place a character in a chaotic environment. How do they react?

  21. Every time you open your mouth to speak, bubbles come out.

  22. Find an image in the 2017-2018 Stillwater Magazine and write a response.

  23. Create a list of objects associated with different people in your life. Use one to write a vignette.

  24. Write an in-depth ode to your favorite color, without ever mentioning which color.

  25. If you could only live life one day a week, which day would it be (Monday, Wednesday, etc.)? Why?

  26. Tell the life story of a historical figure. No google — make up what you don’t know to fill in the blanks.

Send your responses to any of the prompts above to for a chance to be featured on the Stillwater blog!

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