The submission period for Stillwater’s digital venues is now open.

In 2019, Stillwater abandoned its edges through dizzying and innovative design. In 2020, Stillwater seeks to disrupt – to ripple the otherwise static artistic pockets at Ithaca College, to inspire a kinetic and creative incubator beyond the pages of the magazine, and to offer a space for all art to thrive, to be witnessed, and to be grappled with.

Stillwater invites you to cause a ripple and redefine “art” on Ithaca College’s campus.


Submissions will be considered for publication on Stillwater’s digital venues. Submissions may be filed for our annual print issue, but there is no guarantee that acceptance to digital venues will lead to print publication.

  • All work must be submitted to

  • Please include last name in the email subject header and your preferred means of contact in the email body.

  • The artist’s name must be excluded from the document itself.

  • Work must be previously unpublished.

  • Stillwater allows for simultaneous submissions; however, please notify us of such when you submit. Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

  • Work must be a creation by students at Ithaca College.


  • Written work must be in .docx format.

  • Stillwater reserves the right to produce excerpts from script and screenplay submissions for performance or social media purposes. However, writers will be notified.


  • Still visuals (photography, illustrations, paintings, costume designs, etc) must be in PDF format.

  • Moving image (documentaries, music videos, animations, dances) must be uploaded as unlisted or private links through YouTube or Vimeo. Please submit these links with passwords, if required, in .docx format.

  • Sheet music must be submitted in PDF format. Additionally, please include a recording in .WAV or .MP3 format.

Submissions will be reviewed and artists will be notified on a rolling basis. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and seeing the wide range of art produced across Ithaca College’s campus.

Stillwater acknowledges that the heartbeat of a productive magazine begins with the diversity of its editors and the diversity of the voices it publishes. Stillwater is committed to diversifying its editorial board and its accepted submissions – in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, as well as in academic interests and experiences, and is open to all suggestions – anonymous or otherwise – for improving the magazine’s hiring, submission, and production process. All inquiries, complaints, notices and/or suggestions may be emailed to

Tara Eng