Prompts for the New Year

  1. Your favorite memory.

  2. What would you say to your favorite musician? Use only their song lyrics.

  3. Zoom in on one square inch of your immediate vicinity. This is your story setting.

  4. Write a Wikipedia article on a person or event in your life.

  5. Consider your relationship with something in your life as a competition or battle. Who’s winning?

  6. What is your favorite city? Describe it without mentioning the name.

  7. Write a profile on your favorite type of alcohol.

  8. Write about a day in the life of a pet you once had; their thought process, activities, how they relate to the people around them. If you’ve never had a pet, make one up.

  9. Write about a fight you once had, from the perspective of another person.

  10. What is home?

  11. A half life is “the time required for any specific property to decrease by half”. Consider things that have such a long half life they might outlive you.

  12. Do you have an irrational phobia? What is it, how does it make you feel, and where do you think it stems from?

  13. Write your life story in five sentences.

  14. Write a piece about your favorite type of weather and how it makes you feel.

  15. Do you like your name? Why or why not?

  16. Invent your own country. What is it called, what are the people like? What are the rules (or lack thereof)?

  17. Begin a story with, “Who are you?”.

  18. Where is your favorite place? Describe it in detail.

  19. Write down two random events that come to mind and find a way to work them into one story.

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