Rachel Drachman / by Stillwater Magazine

Rachel Drachman is a self-proclaimed writer from Baltimore, Maryland. For better or for worse, she spent her former school days at a very liberal, very progressive school. It has given her an incredible sense of independence, honed her critical thinking abilities, and exposed her to a wide range of academia. However, she has often found that that small community, drenched in progressivism, has left her lacking discipline and sufficient reality checks. But she has thrived here at Ithaca, particularly in the writing department. She believes anyone can write, especially non-fiction. The hard part is conveying your point to your audience, and harder still, doing it well. But everyone can find their voice. As a reader, Rachel looks for a strong voice in pieces, and as an assistant editor she will help in any way to discover or fine-tune a writer’s voice. She has had a rocky relationship with her own non-fiction, but personal essay is one of her favorite genres, as well as one of the most challenging. As much as she loves writing non-fiction, she has an addiction to reading it. David Sedaris and Tim O’Brien are two essayists she deeply admires.