Courtney Ravelo by Stillwater Magazine

Courtney Ravelo is a Writing Major and Theatre Minor, and a nonfiction for Stillwater Magazine. Courtney is also a copy editor for the Filmic Magazine, as well as a contributing writer for BuzzSaw Magazine, Her Campus online publication, The Ithacan, and is also a member of Spit That!, a slam poetry club on campus. Courtney hopes to pursue writing and theatre in the future, with dreams of writing for/being on Saturday Night Live, as well as publishing her poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. 

Amanda Ramsey by Stillwater Magazine

Amanda is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Writing. She loves to read, travel, and eat, and hopes she can spend the rest of her life doing some combination of the three. You can usually find her scrolling through Instagram, where she follows more dogs than people. 

Erika Walsh by Stillwater Magazine

Erika is a sophomore Writing major with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She penned her first short novel, a groundbreaking narrative detailing the life of a family of blueberry picking robots, when she was four years old. Besides writing, Erika enjoys learning new things, trampolines, going to concerts, plants with fuzzy leaves, riding bicycles, looking at the moon, and petting cats. She is a copyeditor for Stillwater, and her favorite genres (both to read and to write) are personal essays and experimental fiction. Her hopes for the future are to contribute to the takedown of the patriarchy, grow and maintain a small but impressive vegetable garden, and get published.

JILL WEISMAN by Stillwater Magazine

Jill Weisman is a Freshman Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College. She enjoys graphic design: creating ads, t-shirts, stickers, posters, and more. When not designing, Jill loves to read, especially anything involving vampires and other supernatural beings. Music is another important part of her life. She believes that one great song can fix anything. One day, she hopes to own her own business involving design.

BRENNA WILLIAMS by Stillwater Magazine

Brenna Williams is freshman in the Park School of Communication under a Cinema and Photography BFA major. She is from Boston area and lives and breathes at the beach. As a staff member, she assists with layout design of the magazine. She loves Harry Potter and will read anything that she gets her hands on. She really enjoys writing about her experiences abroad to Spain and England and is a big advocate for writing for personal observations. As a freshman at Ithaca, she hopes to thrive at this magazine and learn all she can about publishing.

SAMANTHA BRODSKY by Stillwater Magazine

Samantha Brodsky is a senior writing major with a feature writing concentration and CMD minor. She's a nonfiction editor for Stillwater and has a passion for the magazine industry. Her favorite genre is memoir, she's a big fan of the Oxford comma and lives off coffee, creativity, and a good workout. If you can't find her, she's probably taking pictures of her cat.

CHARLES HESS by Stillwater Magazine

Charles Hess is a sophomore Writing student that additionally studies English, Art History, and Philosophy as a means of assembling a more curious spectrum in the refinement of his work; in other words, he is a pursuer of questions that he knows will never be answered in his lifetime. To him, the universe is merely made up of matter, empty space, and opinions. Yet, despite all of this, he remains an optimist. He will still sit down and indulge in a hot cup of coffee with you, no matter what state of mind you possess. Scrita Manent–“what is written endures”.

GABRIEL SYLVESTER by Stillwater Magazine

Gabriel Sylvester is the lead poetry editor for Stillwater. He is a senior at IC, with a Writing major and an English minor. In his free time, he stares out windows, stares in the mirror, and just generally stares at things. He has a passionate interest in napping. He swears that sometimes he can be a good conversationalist. Despite all his shortcomings, he has a genuine love for the arts and for writing, and (almost) nothing gets him more fired up than reading poetry, fiction, or nonfiction from his peers.

DEREK MARINARO by Stillwater Magazine

Derek is a senior Planned Studies major in Behavioral Neuroscience and has been a poetry editor for the magazine for three years. Having a balanced amount of writing, psychology, foreign language, and physical science classes under his belt, he has become a well-rounded student and individual with interests not limited to one particular subject. Working with the Stillwater team continues to be an engaging and exciting atmosphere for creativity in his final semester at IC, and as such he hopes to prepare others for taking on the roles for the poetry genre. His favorite artists include lyricist and vocalist Florence Welch and renowned fiction writer Toni Morrison, in whose work he finds inspiration. 

ROBERT HUMMEL by Stillwater Magazine

Robert S. Hummel is a junior Cinema & Photography major who inherited his fascistic standards for grammar and syntax from his mother, an English major.  Someone once noted his strange tendency to speak about his literary idols as if they were close personal friends — among them are Eliot, Bishop, Cohen, Plath, Lorca, Whitman, Wallace, DeLillo, McCarthy, Faulkner, Joyce, Pynchon, Beckett, Styron, Dubus, Fitzgerald, et cetera, ad infinitum, you get the idea.  He loves writing as much as Salinger loved not talking to people, which is to say he does so with all his being.

GRACE RYCHWALSKI by Stillwater Magazine

Grace Rychwalski is a senior writing major with minors in English and French. After working on Stillwater as a Fiction Editor during her sophomore and junior years, Grace has moved up to her current position as Lead Fiction Editor. Although Grace has dabbled in many different genres, fiction is still something she holds close to her heart. According to Grace, the universal truths that lie in the stories of fake people doing fake things at fake places is perhaps the most frustrating yet incredible thing about the genre. Her other interests include social justice, painting, and animal rights. To find out what Grace is up to currently, you can follow her on Twitter.

SOPHIA HEBERT by Stillwater Magazine


Sophia Hebert is a sophomore English major with minors in Deaf Studies, Writing, and the Honors Program. She loves literature— reading it, writing it, and listening to it. She also is an avid music lover and her favorite artists are Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, The Beatles, and REM, to only name a few. Sophia is a skilled cook and has been trained by professional chefs. In her spare time at home, she runs a catering business with a friend. She is also quite active and enjoys soccer, swimming, kayaking, rock climbing, and archery. Sophia hopes to one day get into the publishing world, whether it means publishing others or getting published.

JUSTIN LE by Stillwater Magazine

Justin is a freshman entering in the exploratory and honors programs. He is declaring a writing and politics double major but wishes to continue his exploration in this new community, it being quite a contrast from his home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Some of his interests include listening to experimental music, reading, playing the drums, running and lifting weights (moderately, sometimes), and of cours, Netflix! Throughout college, he hopes to connect with people better and express his thoughts more openly through both writing and conversation. He is one of Stillwater Magazine’s nonfiction editors.

EMMA SHEINBAUM by Stillwater Magazine

Emma Sheinbaum is a junior Writing major with minors in English, Counseling, and the Honors program. She grew up in Northern New Jersey and has been writing for as long as she can remember. For her, writing is not only an art but also a way for her to process her experiences. Other things she enjoys to do is listen to music, watch her favorite shows and movies, read (and re-read) books, and spend time with the people (and cats) she loves. Emma's favorite genres to write include personal essay and poetry, but also finds that her journal entries eventually turn into memoir pieces and poems as well. 

IRENE YEH by Stillwater Magazine

From the land of iced coffee and bagels, Irene is a senior trying to figure out how life works while struggling to get a decent night’s sleep. As an editor for Nonfiction, she believes that each story–no matter the structure, style, or genre–matters. She enjoys writing fiction stories and draws inspiration from real life events and things she reads. She also hopes to get something published one day, but she’s going to focus on how to get there first.

JARED POVANDA by Stillwater Magazine

Jared Povanda is a senior majoring in Writing and minoring in English from Horseheads, New York. His favorite books tend to deal with the magical, but after discovering creative nonfiction, his literary world expanded tenfold. More than anything, he would love to keep working with words after he graduates.

Rachel Drachman by Stillwater Magazine

Rachel Drachman is a self-proclaimed writer from Baltimore, Maryland. For better or for worse, she spent her former school days at a very liberal, very progressive school. It has given her an incredible sense of independence, honed her critical thinking abilities, and exposed her to a wide range of academia. However, she has often found that that small community, drenched in progressivism, has left her lacking discipline and sufficient reality checks. But she has thrived here at Ithaca, particularly in the writing department. She believes anyone can write, especially non-fiction. The hard part is conveying your point to your audience, and harder still, doing it well. But everyone can find their voice. As a reader, Rachel looks for a strong voice in pieces, and as an assistant editor she will help in any way to discover or fine-tune a writer’s voice. She has had a rocky relationship with her own non-fiction, but personal essay is one of her favorite genres, as well as one of the most challenging. As much as she loves writing non-fiction, she has an addiction to reading it. David Sedaris and Tim O’Brien are two essayists she deeply admires.

Alexis Powell by Stillwater Magazine

Alexis is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major and Women & Gender Studies minor. Her hobbies include photography, scrabble, and running. In the future, she hopes to work for a company that promotes culturally and socially conscious products and services, ideally in the fashion, interior design, or Fair Trade food industries. She aspires to utilize her creative background to design interactive and engaging promotional materials and strategies.